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Perilaku Konsumtif dalam Membeli Barang pada Ibu Rumah Tangga di Kota Samarinda (Endang Dwi Astuti)

Submitted by: dwi astuti, endang
On: Sep 6, 2013 @ 4:35 AM

  • Judul artikel eJournal: Perilaku Konsumtif dalam Membeli Barang pada Ibu Rumah Tangga di Kota Samarinda
  • Pengarang (nama mhs): Endang Dwi Astuti
  • Abstrak (max. 1600 huruf atau 250 kata): Every household has its necessity, where this necessity has its functions and benefits. Purchasing of goods which are not based on necessity has not too good result for household necessity. This article tells about the counsumer behavior in buying goods on housewife in Samarinda. Gathered some information by using interviews and observation according to qualitative approach. The data then analysed with Miles and Huberman technique. From the study, there are several data found from four subjects. These subjects generally make purchasing of goods based on interesting models, followed by purchasing without planning; buying goods based on price consideration as well as not the benefit, buying expensive goods will cause high self-confidence, buying the same goods with different brands, buying goods in order to keep personal appearance, as well as buying goods to keep status symbol.
  • Kata kunci (max. 80 huruf atau 10 kata): Consumer behavior, Housewife
  • NIM: 0702035083
  • Angkatan (tahun masuk, mis. 2009): 2007
  • Program Studi: Psikologi
  • Sumber tulisan: Skripsi
  • Pembimbing: M. Ali Adriansyah, S.Psi., M. Si dan Rina Juwita, S.IP., MHRIR
  • Nama eJournal: eJournal Psikologi
  • Volume: 1
  • Nomor: 2
  • Tahun: 2013
  • File artikel eJournal (format .PDF, max. 5 Mb): Jurnal (09-06-13-04-35-44).pdf (36 kB)


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